Before you sell your property you need a vendor's statement and a contract of sale of land.  The preparation of these documents requires expert knowledge and experience.

The vendor's statement includes details of any encumbrances on the title, information about rates and zoning, any charges or notices on the property, details of any easements, details of any utility services not connected to the property, owners corporation information and details of any building works. The vendor's statement must be provided to the purchaser before the contract is signed.

The importance of a complete vendor's statement cannot be underestimated.  If a vendor's statement does not disclose all relevant information or if any of the information provided is incorrect the purchaser may be able to withdraw from the contract any time up to the settlement date.

The team at Sullivan Braham are experts in asking the right questions and providing advice on tricky areas such as the owner builder provisions.  We will prepare your documents without delay so that you are ready to accept an offer as soon as it is made or at auction.  We will also ensure that the contract is watertight so that the purchaser cannot unreasonably withdraw from the contract.
We will liaise with you and your real estate agent to help answer any questions that come up from potential purchasers before the contract is signed.

Where appropriate we can arrange to have the deposit released early.  This can be particularly useful for sellers who need to fund a deposit on a replacement property.

We will also help you to prepare the necessary paperwork to have your mortgage discharged and to provide documents that may be required for tax purposes.

We charge a fixed fee plus disbursements so you can be certain about the costs.  There will also be some other expenses associated with the sale such as title search fees and certificate fees.

We offer a range of innovative technologies that enables our clients to transact in the most efficient and effective means available, creating a higher level of confidence and security at the same time as simplifying the process for our clients.

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Call now to speak directly to a member of our conveyancing team for an obligation free quote.

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