Commercial Property

Commercial property transactions and related legal matters can be complex and carry significant financial implications.  Seeking professional legal advice is crucial to protect your interests, mitigate risks and ensure a smooth and successful outcome.  Engaging the right team of property lawyers to assist you in your venture can avoid delays and assist you to optimise the returns on your investment. 

In any commercial property project there are many legislative and regulatory issues that must be considered. There are environmental and planning issues to be taken into account, including development restrictions, council requirements, usage limitations, contaminated land, environmental protection and pollution regulations. Other common issues that may arise require consideration of retail and residential tenancies legislation and tax legislation.

At Sullivan Braham we appreciate that each client and every deal are different and that advice needs to be tailored to your specific situation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Acquiring land by adverse possession

  • Commercial and retail leasing

  • Farm leases

  • Farm sales and purchases

  • Land sales and purchases

  • Mortgages (including guarantees)

  • Plans of consolidation

  • Plans of subdivision (including Section 173 agreements)

  • Stamp duty issues

  • Telecommunications leases

  • Transfers to self-managed superannuation funds

  • Valuation issues

  • Water law (including transfers of water entitlements)

  • Wind and solar farm leases

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