Sale Lawyers

Sullivan Braham Pty Ltd and its predecessor law firms have been serving the people and businesses of Sale, Gippsland and beyond for almost a century.

Sullivan Braham Pty Ltd is the successor to the law firm of J Crofton Lee (subsequently Crofton, Lee & Moir) which began in Sale in the 1920's. The current firm is the result of a merger in 1989 between Moir, White & O'Connor and John Sullivan & Associates. At the time of the merger the firm was known as O'Connor Sullivan Pty, which later changed its name to Sullivan Braham Pty Ltd.

The firm offers services across a wide range of legal areas.

Over the years the firm has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of fairness and justice for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the high quality of our services and advice.